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• The TORNADOR® Black can cause considerable noise from air pressure. Please wear hearing protection at all times.

• When using the TORNADOR® Black, small pieces of debris can be whirled into the air. Always wear protective goggles or glasses to prevent eye damage.

• The TORNADOR® Black nebulizes the cleaning liquid. Wear appropriate respiratory protection to prevent health hazards from inhalation.

• Use in well ventilated area.

• Do not exceed 110 psi.

• Do not use with acidic, flammable or combustible products; "USE ONLY WITH TORNADOR PRODUCTS."

• Do not point cleaning tool at face or body.

• Avoid breathing dust or handling debris that can be harmful to your health.

• Should you notice a tool malfunction, discontinue use and contact your supplier.

• Use caution when other people are in your surroundings and work area.

• Always disconnect the devise from the air supply when not in use and before changing accessories or when preforming routine maintenance.

• Always check the devise for leaking hoses, loose fittings or damaged parts.

• We recommend that you never clean any safety related components with the TORNADOR® Black tool, i.e., safety belts, electrical or electronic modules.


The TORNADOR® Black cleaning tool requires a constant air pressure between 5.5 and 6.3 bar 78 to 90 psi, for

optimum performance. DO NOT EXCEED 110 psi.

CAUTION: Constant air supply rates vary depending on the size and power of the compressor. Always make sure tank and air lines are free from impurites, oil and water contamination.

Cleaning Fabric

1. Remove large debris and vacuum area to be cleaned.

2. Turn liquid air valve to upright position to deliver cleaning solution.

3. Hold cleaning nozzle 1 to 3 inches from area to be cleaned. Fully depress trigger. Begin with overlapping motion over area to be cleaned.

4. Next turn valve to down position using just air and dry the area.

Cleaning Dashboard and Hard Surfaces.

1. Recommended air pressure set at 78 psi

2. Turn liquid valve to straight up vertical position. Using a overlapping motion, spray area to be cleaned.

3. Allow cleaning liquid to remain on surface for 10 -15 seconds.

4. Follow with air only by turning valve to the horizontal down position. Begin drying with overlapping motion followed with a soft dry towel.


• Avoid dropping the gun on the floor, disconnect when not being used.

• Turn liquid valve to the horizontal position after use to avoid dripping from tip.

• Tighten the jar while holding the lid to avoid loosening or stripping gun assembly.

• Many cleaning solutions will have specific uses. Always use approved cleaning liquids in the TORNADOR® Black cleaning tool. Using high alkaline or acidic products are not recommended. Always follow manufacturer's dilution instructions. Neutral pH products and high volume products work best in the TORNADOR®. Always test in a small area.

• When cleaning with the TORNADOR®, use a microfiber towel to wipe any remaining debris or solution that needs to be wiped away.

• Keep the cone of the gun clean by removing the cone and rinsing frequently.

• Avoid excessive air pressure. Exceeding 90 psi can cause premature wear on the cone and assembly.

NOTE: After every use, place nozzle 2-3 inches into a bucket of soapy water while depressing the trigger once or twice to quickly remove dirt buildup in the cone. This will prevent premature wear.




• Tip will not oscillate

• Tip moves slowly

• Tip drips fluid

• Will not dispense liquid

• Check for low air pressure

• Check for dirt build-up and clean

• Keep liquid valve in the horizontal position when not in use

• Check pickup tube for debris and rinse out


"90 day limited manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing & part defects."

Warranty will be voided, if it is used for anything other than the intended use of the Tornador cleaning tool. Use of any products, other the Tornador products, with or in the Tornador cleaning tool, voids warranty.



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