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Wear appropriate hearing and eye protection. Use in well ventilated area. Do not exceed 110 psi. Do not use with acidic, flammable or combustible products. USE ONLY WITH TORNADOR® PRODUCTS. Do not point cleaning tool at face or body. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


The Tornador cleaning tool requires a minimum air pressure of 60 to 90 psi, constant, for

optimum performance.  DO NOT EXCEED 110 psi.

NOTE: Constant air supply may vary depending on compressor size and capabilities. Always make sure tank and air lines are free from oil and water contamination.

1. Add 30 oz. of water to the TORNADOR® Foam Gun jar. Pour 2 oz. packet of TORNADOR® TC-100 Turbo Cleaner Concentrate into the Foam Gun Jar. Gently mix.

2. Use the air regulator on the handle or set the air pressure at 60-90 psi. The higher the air pressure, the greater the foam. Greater foam will also use more product faster.

3. FOR INTERIOR CARPET OR SEATS: Pre-vacuum areas to be cleaned. Using desired air pressure, apply foam to carpet or seat, brush into the fabric, then allow TC-100 product to dwell for 2 minutes. Next, vacuum or towel dry.

4. FOR EXTERIORS: Use desired air pressure and blow foam onto the surface. Do not allow foam to dry. Use a wash mitt to clean the area, then rinse with water.

5. The TORNADOR® Foam Gun will generate foam using most surfactant-based products. Interior shampoos and car wash soaps can be diluted per label instructions and used in the foam gun. Typical dilutions are 1-2 oz. per 30 oz. jar.


• Avoid dropping the gun on the floor, disconnect when not being used.

• Turn liquid valve to the horizontal position after use to avoid dripping from tip.

• Tighten the jar while holding the lid to avoid loosening or stripping gun assembly.

• After use, run air and clear water through the foam gun to eliminate remaining product in the foam attachment.




• Foam gun will not produce foam

• Remove foam attachment and rinse thoroughly. Attachment may be clogged.

• Product in jar is too thick. Dilute it more.

• Check to see if product has foaming capabilities.


"90 day limited manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing & part defects."

Warranty will be voided, if it is used for anything other than the intended use of the Tornador cleaning tool. Use of any products, other the Tornador products, with or in the Tornador cleaning tool, voids warranty.



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