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"I love how the Tornador Black cleans up. It's an amazing product!"


Rob Pavlowski

Sin City Detail & Training Studio, NV

"I love my Tornador Blow Out Gun, it's the #1 tool in my detailing arsenal that I absolutely use every single day!"


Andy Ward

Proficient X Auto Detailing, FL

"Words can't really describe how much the Tornador Velocity-Vac helps to
pick up Dog Hair!


Nolan Suzuki

It'll Buff Out, HI

"I can't say enough good things about the tools; if you don't have it you're sleeping!"


Derrick Howell

Finishing Touch Resale & Fleet Services, TX

"The Velocity-Vac is a great extractor for
oil stains. These guys really have a great product.


Jeremy Dawson

Hill Enterprises LLC, ND

"I've been using Tornador Tools for over
9 years and they are some of the
best in the business.


Carson Magnum

Maryland Auto Spa, MD

"I had amazing results with the Tornador Black and Velocity-Vac attachment."


Shawn Mleczynski

SMDetails, NY

"This new STEAMOR attachment is amazing. I can't wait until it comes out.
A very excellent product!


Mike Sadamore

Mike's Prestige Detailing, OH

"If you do any kind of detailing inside a car, truck, or sport utility, this thing is an absolute MUST!"


Dan Mick

Dan Mick's Jeep Tours, Moab

"This is the machine of the future. If you're not using them and you're in the detailing world, you're making a huge mistake!"


Martin Hopes

MARS of Bozeman, MT

"The tools help us with getting rid of
red dirt and sand out of the crevices.
It's definitely an awesome product!


Nolan Suzuki

It'll Buff Out, HI

"I've been in the business for 27 years. We have 4 of the tools and we go through 10-20 interior details a week. It's a lifesaver!"


Troy Saunders

Touch Up Auto Detailing, MD

"We use them every day, day in/day out, put them through their paces, and they're made to last. These guys are awesome!"


Carson Magnum

We-C-Clean LLC, MD

"The dynamics of the tools are absolutely amazing. Hands down - unbeatable. Tornador is where it's at!"


Shawn Sepulveda

A Perfect Experience Auto Detailing, CA

"The Tornador Tools are fantastic, because when it comes down to a preservation, I can't use traditional cleaning methods."


Scott Nichols

Distinct Detail, AZ

"We do daily aviation cleanings and maintenance using Tornador. We just cleaned Clinton's and Trump's Jets. "


Todd Puckett

AERO Panache, AZ

"The Tornador products are an excellent source for the detailing professional.
It's gonna change your world.


Rene Ortega


"We love the Tornador Classic and we've been using it since day 1."


Geoffery Blair

The Car Guys - Palmer, MD

"A very very good product.
I highly recommend it.
Tornador is the way to go!


Jason Mata

Lokey's Body Shop, TX

"It is the best product on the market.
Our employees use it in every one of our body shop locations.
It is absolutely awesome!


Scott Fritz

Classic Auto Collision, MA

"I've been detailing for 14 years and the Tornador gets the job done. It's an amazing product. We use them every day."


Cougar Elfervig

Luxe Auto Spa, UT

"I heavily recommend this product.
If you have a detailing shop, you will save time and money.


Rod Tamminga

BLING Performance, BC Canada

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